Lazy Velo Spoiler - spoilers plugin for Joomla content

Lazy Velo Spoiler - spoilers plugin for Joomla content

Joomla 2.5  Joomla 3.0

«Lazy Velo Spoiler» is an evolutionary version of the plugin «pb_spoiler» from beliyadmin.

Main features (options) of our plug-in:

1. Uploading images for open and opening spoilers. This allows you to handle large arrays of images without increasing the load on the server and not slowing down page loading.
At the moment, the dynamic-loading mechanism looks different for jQuery and MooTools options (in the first case spoiler immediately opened, and the images appear instead of a stub as preloaders, in the second - spoiler open after download all the images inside and loading indicator appears next to the heading spoiler).

2. Options jQuery and MooTools maximally unified, whereby the user can safely choose any version without losing settings and functionality.

3. The "left open" imposed inside syntax plugin that allows you to create arbitrary combinations of opened / closed spoilers for each page.

4. Language constants rendered in ini-files, which makes it easy to translate the plugin to your language. Currently available in Russian and English version.

Terms of Use.

In the text of the article you want to insert the following structure:

{ spoiler title=Header_here opened=1}Hidden text{/spoiler}

where opened - spoiler state when the page loads, 1 - open, 0 - closed.