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Integration plugin SLogin - EasySocial

Joomla 2.5  Joomla 3.0

Plugin integration SLogin - EasySocial. Upon login from the social network plugin create EasySocial user with avarar.

Subscribe to plug sold for one year in terms of updates regarding the use is not limited neither by time nor by the number of domains.

To generate avatars to be installed , configured and fully working plugin SLogin Profile, which should be in the list of plugins group slogin_integration higher integration plugin with EasySocial. Otherwise, the user will be created first EasySocial, and then created an avatar. In this case, the EasySocial user not avatar.

Avatars are created only in the profile of the new registered user authorization through SLogin, if the user registration made before or by passing authorization SLogin, avatars are not created.

Treatment for inoperable plug accepted only if normal working environment , you first need to configure authorization and generation of avatars and only then buy plugins or extensions to seek their support.


  1.  Make sure that you have installed component SLogin, configured authentication provider SLogin, works and creates avatars plugin profile SLogin.
  2. Install the plugin through the installer Joomla.
  3. In the plugin settings (if they have) set the values you want.
  4. Publish the plugin.