Terms of delivery extensions

The extension comes immediately after order .

Seller warrants the granting of access to download after payment extensions and transfer key for a specified domain .
Under the delivery is providing opportunities to download software product (expansion) , and get a key for it , unless the licensing terms provide for this order has been paid .

Delivery is not carried out in other ways besides providing access to download or send via e-mail (if necessary) by prior arrangement with the buyer.
Transfer of digital materials on electronic media , mail or other transportation companies not carried out.

Fact delivery is to provide access to informing load extension ( notice) client to provide access to e-mail.
All activities of the client , after receiving letters regarding the site's administration change the order status and allowing them to access , are consistent with the fact that the client has received delivery of the purchased expansion. Even if he did not realize the download piobretennogo expansion.

Seller agrees to provide constant access to the order with the ability to download (receive ) the extension in paid orders ( spetsrazdel client "My Orders " on this website) , if no breach of terms of the license agreement .
In case of violation of the rules of the license agreement , the extension is considered to be paid and delivered and the deal closed , and the Seller has the right to cancel the order and refuse to provide further customer service narushevshego license agreement.

To access your purchases , you should log ( only authorized users have access to their purchases ) . In the menu the user can go to your subscriptions generated keys downloads.