Refund and exchange Policy

Buyer has the right to refuse the goods ordered at any time before you receive it.

Fact of the goods considered for registration key generation software product and its transfer to the buyer, by providing access to the code key in paid orders . For information about generating registration keys and jump files stored on the server ( website) of the seller.
Returns after receiving the key to activate the extension is not possible due to the fact that the buyer acquires the right to use, which refers to the subject matter of copyright and is not subject to return or exchange .

Due to the fact that to become familiar with the product to the buyer the opportunity to verify that the special demonstration site , selling individual copies litsenzionnnym key for the software on this web site does not qualify as a remote method of sale, providing for the right of return .
In case of inoperable software product on the website of the buyer, we will ensure the elimination of inefficient elements of the code , if they are related to the content of the purchased software product presented on our website .

Downtime extensions associated with the use of third-party software products , or structural features of the site or software the buyer , as well as in case of non compliance ( as described in the product for the buyer on the site ) is not included in the program to eliminate under warranty. And subject to the correction of the buyer , or to order additional services to ensure efficiency ( if possible) on a fee basis .

Replacement of existing key with a new one when you change the domain name takes on a fee basis , through the acquisition of new key.

The acquisition of goods implies full osvedoslmenost with the terms of the license agreement and the supply agreement with parvo oznakomelnost refund . Any claim based on not reading , not consent , not understanding the points of agreements , are not grounds for bezoplatnoy replacement, return the goods pposle purchase.
Final provisions .

Buyer is entitled to receive exclusive information that can provide the seller , the buyer to ensure awareness regarding a particular product , in order to make the buyer a full , objective and informed decisions on the final purchase.