JS Product Snapshot - plugin sow products of JoomShopping on joomla content

JS Product Snapshot - plugin sow products of JoomShopping on joomla content

Joomla 2.5  Joomla 3.0

Present to the public goods output plugin JoomShopping in content joomla. Plugin redone from the corresponding plug-in virtuemart.

It's very easy - insert the following line in the article:



  1. id=1|2|3 - product ids
  2. showname - show name (y/n)
  3. showprice - show price (y/n)
  4. showdes - show description (y/n)
  5. showaddtocart - show add to cart link or form (y/n)
  6. displayeach - vertical/horizontal alignment of blocks inside the container product(v/h)
  7. displaylist - vertical/horizontal alignment products (v/h)
  8. to_one_line - quantity of products in line with the horizontal layout (число)
  9. width - total width of the container products (%/px)

For the PRO version, there are still several options:

1. tmpl - template output of goods can take values ​​'default' or 'js', when selecting 'js' goods output template used to display the item shop in the category, 'default' - own template plugin.

2. image_width, image_height - the maximum height and width of the image in the snapshot, in any units, such as 50px or 80%.

3.show_rating - allows to display product rating.

All items except product IDs are optional, if not specified, it is taken from the plugin settings.

In case of withdrawal of goods template store only valid parameters id, to_one_line, displaylist, tmpl. The remaining parameters are not valid.

The plugin works on Joomla 2.5 and 3.

Comparative table of the standard and PRO versions.

Feature Free PRO
1 Template to display the products No Yes
2 Output of products with JoomShopping template No Yes
3 Showing the old prices No Yes
4 Showing Product Rating No Yes
5 Setting a maximum image size in the plugin settings and command line No Yes
6 Showing product labels No Yes
7 Show product description Yes Yes
8 Show product image Yes Yes
9 Show product price Yes Yes
10 Show add to cart link Yes Yes